Quick Response Manufacturing “QRM” is helping KSM Industries with lead time reduction

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a company-wide strategy for high-mix, low-volume manufacturers focused on reducing the overall lead-time to produce a product.  With the help of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, KSM was able to implement QRM on a focused group of products and cut lead-times in our manufacturing process.

QRM focuses on lead times as an obstacle for businesses with a wide mix of highly customized product, like KSM. Using QRM we are able to uncover the causes for long lead times, and provide tools to eliminate them throughout our operation. It has allowed us to improve our response time and become a better, more efficient partner to our customers.

Advantages of QRM Cells:

  • Focused approach on individual segments of your business (for us this started with Electrical Enclosures and Panels)
  • Most processes and equipment required to make these products are located entirely in that cell
  • Team member cross-training allows systematic use of all equipment as work flow dictates