KSM Engineers bring expertise to your project  

We are sheet metal fabrication experts, utilizing the latest in capital equipment and engineering tools to provide our customers with the highest quality parts. Starting with your designs on Solid Works, Pro-Engineer or AutoCAD, we’ll review your parts with an eye towards manufacturability and identify any potential issues or opportunities before we start forming metal.

Quality Improvement

Let our engineers act as an extension of your engineering team to enhance the manufacturability of your parts or components.

  • We incorporate stringent quality controls throughout the process
  • Our comprehensive engineering review reduces the need for costly rework, which saves time, effort and money

Customer Profitability Improvement

If your project requires design, KSM’s engineers are eager to help save you money by designing a custom component that’s right for you.

We think of KSM as an extension of our engineering department. They tell us about problems with our drawings before they get to the shop floor.

Tim M.

Testimonial Wave Graphic