Customers depend on KSM to deliver custom components for less, and our customers expect only the best!

KSM delivers expertise, with our team of experienced welders and robotic weld cells. Our lasers can precisely cut to your specifications, and our break presses will form your products to your engineering drawings. Our fabrication processes will deliver your products On Spec, On Time, and On Budget!


Customers depend on KSM to deliver custom components for less

KSM Industries is a full service, high integrity provider of fabrications and weldments. Components of all shapes and sizes are crafted by our team of highly skilled technicians. We have a long history of supplying custom components for less.

Our lasers include:

  • One 8000 W fiber laser
  • Two 4000 W Co2 lasers
  • One 1500 W  Co2 laser
  • Combination machine with a 4000 W Co2 Laser with punch & tapping equipment.

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When it time to form, KSM has multiple press brakes for bending and forming metal. Most of our equipment is updated with CNC controls to help save on manufacturing costs and speed up production.

  • Two in-house pyramid rolling mills allows us to easily roll form metal
  • Our team of skilled technicians can handle a variety of complex bends and fabrications with our state of the art equipment.
  • 8 traditional hydraulic & electric press brakes using American & European tooling.
  • 1 Automated panel bender

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KSM Industries has full welding capabilities including MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Pulse arc welding on mild steel, stainless steels, and aluminum. We tackle welding projects, large or small.

Our AWS trained team of highly skilled welders is certified to one or more of: MIL- 248D, NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GB1B-010/248, ASME IX and/or Internal Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS). Welder Qualifications are continually monitored and they tested and re-qualified as necessary.

In addition to manual welding, we also have two station robotic welding for high volume, large or complex weldments.

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