KSM Industries Skilled Workforce and Personnel

KSM Industries Electrical EnclosureKSM Industries has skilled employees that allow for a diverse product mix. Our workforce consists of Engineers, fabricators, Welders, Painters, Assemblers and all the support personnel to deliver your product On Spec, On Time, and On budget. Why settle for standard enclosures when you can order custom-made enclosures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors?

KSM Industries Electrical Enclosure 003


KSM’s products can range from but are not limited to; electrical enclosures (floor mount / single bay, double bay, triple bay), wall mount enclosures, 

shoe box sized, etc.), fabricated and welded truck mounted equipment, material handling equipment and construction / agricultural equipment.

No matter if the project involves simple or complex fabrications and weldments, we have the in-house personnel and capabilities to fulfill your requirements. KSM Industries has Engineering Expertise - Our expert CAD/CAM engineering services help to support our complete cutting, fabricating, forming, welding, painting and assembly capabilities. Let our engineers be an extension of your team reducing the need for rework. Contact KSM Industries for a quote on your specific custom welded OEM fabrication.



KSM Industries Weldment 001KSM Industries Weldment 002